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Volume 33 features our cover star Dan Patlansky as he brings the blues to Camden. Plus we review the new releases from Pearl Jam and unpeople.

Our News Report has all the latest music news including live announcements from Misery Loves Company, Frank Turner, Boston Manor, Dayseeker, Yellowcard, Stand Atlantic, Motionless In White, Holding Absence, Skinny Lister, The Chats, Amongst Liars, Fontaines D.C. and The Cult!

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Live Reviews

Dan Patlansky

Dingwalls, London

Saturday 13th April 2024

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It’s a Saturday evening and it’s the first warm spring evening of the year! Camden is therefore predictably bustling with people checking out the famous market and taking in some street food and maybe a beer or two.

The best way to finish an evening in Camden Town is always by savouring some live music in one of the many famous venues. In an area famous for punk however, tonight is all about the blues! That’s because Dingwalls is welcoming South African maestro Dan Patlansky to one of London’s best small venues.


Despite the temptation to sit in the sunshine with a pint by the lock, the venue fills up early with fans anticipating an intense showcase of modern blues rock. Up first though is Leoni Jane Kennedy who takes to the stage solo with just an acoustic guitar for company.

Kennedy however has no issues in grabbing the attention of the blues aficionados in attendance. Her charm and intricate melodies easily serenade the audience and her short set is entirely captivating.

A delightful cover of ‘Tears’ by Rush is a treat, but throughout the set each song offers a glimpse of Kennedy’s songwriting talents. Finishing with ‘Synthetic’, which is the title-track of her upcoming debut album, Kennedy no doubt will have left a lasting impression tonight with her illuminating performance.


It’s actually something of a miracle that this show is going ahead, given that our headliner Dan Patlansky has been sick in recent days with a couple of necessary postponements. Patlansky however makes it clear that he was desperate to play tonight, and as his set begins with ‘Lift Off’, those in attendance are instantly grateful that he was.

That’s because despite battling through illness, Patlansky is able to channel something otherworldly to deliver a mesmerising performance alongside his band. Accompanied by bassist Greg Van Kerkhof and drummer Andy Maritz, the power trio is scorching at times, delicate at others and always meticulous.

That tantalising talent especially shines through on new material from Patlansky’s latest release ‘Movin’ On’. The title track and ‘Who I Am’ are highlights but the songs from the album all shine tonight.

Another special treat this evening sees Patlansky joined by teenage blues prodigy Rhys John Stygal for a fantastic rendition of the Howlin’ Wolf song ‘Tell Me’ in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan!

Patlansky has a rare ability to make his guitar sing and his blistering blues are relished by the adoring crowd this evening. Over the course of one-hundred glorious minutes, Patlansky and co forget illness and the outside world and simply let the music do the talking.

A glorious day has been punctuated by two superb sets from Kennedy and Patlansky and the crowd can disperse into the Camden nightlife to reminisce on a memorable evening.

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