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Waterfront Studio, Norwich

Tuesday 19th October 2021


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It’s almost a year since Salem released their debut EP. An EP that was never intended to be released but a pandemic and a lockdown or three saw Will Gould and Matt Reynolds pull the trigger.

Of course, Gould is normally associated with being the charismatic frontman for Creeper. That original EP was born out of the creative process for the latest Creeper album ‘Sex, Death & the Infinite Void’; with Gould looking for a different outlet for some of his punkier output.

Following the positive reception to that first EP it was almost inevitable that another should follow and soon enough ‘Salem II’ arrived. At that point Salem became somewhat more than a creative outlet and more of a full blown side-project from Gould’s perspective. The collaboration between Gould and Reynolds appears to have given them both a new lease of life.

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With two EP’s it was again an inevitability that live shows would follow. So with a band in place Salem revealed a lengthy trek around the UK and tonight they arrive in Norwich at the Waterfront Studio.

Opening on the tour are Welsh rockers James and the Cold Gun. Creeper have always carefully curated their support acts and it’s clear Salem will follow suit. James and the Cold Gun are an ideal opener that deliver a blistering opening set that gets the audience ready for the main event.

The likes of ‘Plug Me In’, ‘Cheating on the Sun’ and ‘Long Way Home’ showcase the quality that the band possess. With great material, confident stage presence and plenty of energy, the future should be bright for the band.

Clearly the future is also looking bright for Salem. Yes, the weight of Gould’s name does some heavy lifting, but there are not many bands who could play a 19 date UK Tour within a year of their debut EP! The fact is again it’s the quality of the material which helps convince people to leave their homes and check out this new prospect.

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With just the two EP’s and a bonus cover of The Damned classic ‘New Rose’ making up the set list, tonight is short but very sweet. Gould is on top form clearly enjoying the change of pace, and the band as a whole are well knit.

By the end of encore track ‘Destroy Me’ it is well and truly a case of mission achieved for Salem. The crowd go home thoroughly entertained and Salem continue to build their own legacy.

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EP Reviews


Salem II

Salem Salem II Album EP Cover
Salem – ‘Salem II’

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Last Autumn saw Creeper singer Will Gould debut Salem, his new project with Matt Reynolds. After much acclaim the band return with their latest EP, ‘Salem II’.

The EP is a short but sweet punk rock bop, which has all the vibes of the early Creeper EP’s. It captures Gould at his very best and grows the seeds sown by Salem’s debut EP. With this EP, they become something bigger than a side-project. They feel now like an entity that will continue growing and provide another creative outlet to those involved.

Salem – ‘Keep The Thorns’

This is good news, as the band now has a lengthy UK tour planned. The songs on this EP sound as though they will become much bigger in the live setting. ‘Keep The Thorns’ and ‘Sweet Tooth’ particularly whet the appetite for those shows.

Each song on the EP is strong and as the record finishes on ‘Heaven Help Me’ you are left craving more. Purpose served then for ‘Salem II’ as Salem continue to genesis.

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