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Vol. 35

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The latest issue of the Full Pelt Magazine is here, and you can download your copy for free below!

Volume 35 features our cover star Frank Turner as announces show 3000 and shares his 10th studio album, ‘Undefeated’. Plus we review the new releases from Emily Barker, P.O.D., Dea Matrona, The Exact Opposite, DAYTIME TV and EEVAH.

Our News Report has all the latest music news including live announcements from Frank TurnerDavid Gilmour, Massive Wagons, The Lemon Twigs, Alien Ant Farm, LostAlone, Levellers, Don Broco and Myles Kennedy.

Plus all the best new releases including P.O.D., Robert Jon & The Wreck, Black Country Communion, Fire From The Gods, The Lovely Eggs, Mannequin Death Squad, FM, Blossoms, Jaret Ray Reddick, SAFIRE, Yours Truly, Hamish Hawk, Mt. Onsra, VOWER, Our Hollow, Our Home, Heriot, Lizzy Farrall, Raven Numan, Soft Play and Richie Kotzen!

Finally, we round up the latest additions to our ‘Discover’ New Music Playlist including SHADE UK, HRTLSS, Sleep Theory, Peter Bibby, The Fever Kings and Caroline Romano!

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Album Reviews



Smith/Kotzen Album Cover
Smith/Kotzen – ‘Smith/Kotzen’

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Smith/Kotzen – Smith/Kotzen – Album Review

It’s that age old question. What do you get when you put Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith and the much travelled Richie Kotzen in a studio together? Well, perhaps not; the answer however is magic!

Yes, all too often much heralded partnerships or so called supergroups are over hyped only to under deliver. That isn’t the case here as Smith and Kotzen combine for the creatively titled Smith/Kotzen. Together they have created an album of superb blues infused hard rock, equally creatively called ‘Smith/Kotzen’!

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Perhaps all their creativity was used up in recording this brilliant album and when it came to promotion they were all out of ideas! Seriously though, this is an impressive collection of songs that echoes the shere talent involved.

It feels as though the duo complement each other perfectly. They are able to stretch their legs without stepping on each other’s toes. Smith excels from the comfortable confines of house Maiden and Kotzen demonstrates his unrivalled talents.

Smith/Kotzen – ‘Taking My Chances’

From the openings of ‘Taking My Chances’ all the way to the closing moments of ‘Til Tomorrow’, there isn’t much let up in quality. Smith and Kotzen can be proud of what they have achieved on Smith/Kotzen; even if they can’t be proud of their naming abilities!

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