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Vol. 4

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Our weekly music News Report has evolved into the Full Pelt Magazine, and you can download the fourth issue now for free!

Volume four includes an update from cover stars Creeper, a review of ‘Confessions of the Fallen’ from Staind plus a special feature on Metal for Good!

We have our News Report rounding up new releases from Bruce Dickinson, Blink 182, The Dollyrots, Chelsea Wolfe, Alien Weaponry, Helmet, VEXED, The Cadillac Three, P.O.D., The Vaccines, Against The Current, The K’s, Casey, Jack Valero, Little Man Tate, The Sleeping Souls, Interlaker, The Pale White, Florence Black and North Atlas!

Plus new live announcements from Bury Tomorrow, Poppy, Hot Water Music, Jake Bugg and Grade 2.

Finally, we round up the latest additions to our ‘Discover’ New Music Playlist with BIG SPECIAL, Humour and headcage!

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Album Reviews


Confessions of the Fallen

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Staind are the quintessential early-noughties US radio-rock band. A nostalgic string of hit singles and multi-platinum albums has long established their position in the industry, but they will also know that they’ve hit their commercial peak.

Many in this position have chosen to milk the nostalgia, others have long separated to seek new opportunities and a small handful continue to release records and try to stay relevant. Over the past decade or so, Staind have mainly been the middle option whilst occasionally dipping into option one, but now they are going all in on option number three!

Whilst their own fanbase will be overjoyed at the news, there will also be many naysayers of will laugh, such is the popularity of shooting down bands of Staind’s ilk. Call it the Nickelback effect if you want but there is an equal amount of love and hate out there for radio friendly rock music of their generation.

This combined with singer Aaron Lewis’s outspoken politics the band are something of an easy target, but ‘Confessions of the Fallen’ deserves to be separated from all of the above. After all it’s a brave decision to put out a new album after 12 years, and one that they didn’t need to make.

Staind – ‘Lowest In Me’

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Fans will be glad they did though as musically the record feels like they’ve never been away. Ten tracks spread across thirty-five minutes and you can’t really fault what the band have created at all. The likes of album opener ‘Lowest In Me’ had given a good indication of what to expect and the record fellows suit.

Staind have managed to capture what shot them to great heights in the first place, and this album wouldn’t have felt out of place twenty years ago. That said, it still manages to feel fresh enough that to avoid any nostalgic pitfalls.

There probably weren’t many clamouring for this album to be made, and the band certainly didn’t need to make it, but those that do find themselves checking out ‘Confessions of the Fallen’ will be pleasantly surprised by the quality.

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Full Pelt Magazine

Vol. 3

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Our weekly music News Report has evolved into the Full Pelt Magazine, and you can download the third issue now for free!

Volume three includes an update from cover star Chris Shiflett, and a review of ‘Race the Night’ from Ash.

We have our News Report rounding up new releases from Don Broco, Lonely The Brave, Dream Wife, TesseracT, DragonForce, Staind, Duff McKagan, Skinny Lister, All Time Low, While She Sleeps, K.Flay, The Meffs, END and Mother Mother!

Plus new live announcements from British Lion, Fozzy, KITE THIEF, VV, The Amazons, The Coral, Twin Atlantic and Lonely The Brave.

Finally, we round up the latest additions to our ‘Discover’ New Music Playlist with Major Moment, Tropic Gold and Future Static!

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News Report

Every week we roundup the best music news from the past week!

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News Report

SOFT PLAY release first taste of new era with ‘Punk’s Dead’

Welcome everyone to another edition of our weekly music News Report!

We hope that you are enjoying your Bank Holiday weekend whatever you are doing? Be sure to read until the end for some News Report news!!

We begin though with the return of SOFT PLAY (formerly known as Slaves). The duo have now shared their first taste of new music since they reconvened for 2000trees last month.

Check out new single, ‘Punk’s Dead’, above.

More here.

Listen to ‘Punk’s Dead’ on our Spotify Hot List!

Black Stone Cherry share ‘Smile, World’

Black Stone Cherry – ‘Smile, World’

Next up in our News Report this week are Black Stone Cherry who are on the home stretch towards new album, ‘Screamin’ at the Sky’, which arrives on September 29th.

Continuing the build up, the band have now shared latest single, ‘Smile, World’, which you can check out above.

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Listen to ‘Smile, World’ on our ‘Hard & Heavy’ Playlist!

Spiritbox debut ‘Jaded’

Spiritbox – ‘Jaded’

Spiritbox also had new music on offer this week as they debuted their latest single, ‘Jaded’, which you can check out above.

More here.

Listen to ‘Jaded’ on our Spotify Hot List!

Staind return with ‘In This Condition’

Staind – ‘In This Condition’

Staind have this week shared brand new single, ‘In This Condition’, which you can check out above.

The band will release their first new album in twelve years when they release, ‘Confessions of the Fallen’, on September 2nd.

Pre-order your copy here.

Listen to ‘In This Condition’ on our ‘Hard & Heavy’ Playlist

Empire State Bastard share ‘Moi?’

Empire State Bastard – ‘Moi?’

The new releases continue with ‘Moi?’, which is the latest single from Empire State Bastard.

You can listen to the track above which arrives ahead of debut album, ‘Rivers of Heresy’, which is out on September 1st.

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Listen to ‘Moi?’ on our Spotify Hot List!

Marc Hudson shares ‘Starbound Stories’

Marc Hudson – ‘Starbound Stories’

DragonForce vocalist Marc Hudson has shared, ‘Starbound Stories’, the latest track from his solo album of the same name. You can of course listen to the track above.

Hudson says, “‘Starbound Stories’, the title track, serves as the unrelenting epilogue to the album’s sonically rich tapestry of adventure & destiny, resounding into skies and souls alike the ultimate power metal anthem of perseverance & belief in the self.”

Grab your copy here.

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Silent Planet share ‘Collider’

Silent Planet – ‘Collider’

The final new release in our News Report this week comes from Silent Planet, who have shared new single, ‘Collider’, which you can check out above.

The track comes ahead of upcoming album, ‘SUPERBLOOM’, which arrives on November 3rd.

Take all the darkness. All the vitriol, the greed and the vanity; lay it again as dust. Everything can be alchemized. This song is called ‘Collider,'” says singer Garrett Russell. “It’s about what comes out of our lives when the people we trust and hold closest are the ones who can hurt or betray us the worst. We don’t have to run from the pain or be afraid. The dark gives us the energy to make something beautiful. The song is about alchemizing the darkness and transforming its negative properties.”

“A SUPERBLOOM is this strange moment where brilliant fauna spring forth unexpectedly and bring forth such an array of colors, it almost feels alien in origin,” Garrett notes. “It only lasts for a couple of weeks before it’s gone. While we were recording, the SUPERBLOOM was happening. For me, the record is getting in touch with the other side and watching the strange and paranormal emerge from the mundane and profane, hence the title.”

Pre-order your copy here.

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News Report

The Menzingers announce UK Tour

Just the one piece of live news in our News Report this week and it comes from The Menzingers who will be touring the UK in February.

Tickets are here.

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News Report

As always we conclude our News Report with the latest additions to our ‘Discover’ New Music Playlist!

News Report
ARCHIVES – ‘No Sweat’

Northern Irish metal outfit ARCHIVES have announced their new album ‘No Bliss In Ignorance’ and shared lead single ‘No Sweat’.

Talking about the new single, vocalist Adam Holland shares: “No sweat is about the concept of corruption/hypocrisy within corporations and institutions. Regardless of how much you try to hide it the truth will always find the light eventually. The single shares the harsh reality that much of the worlds corruption is covered up by those who financially gain from it. Some people are born into wealth & privilege and are undeserving of it.”

Skies Turn Black – ‘Sweet, Sweet Solitude’

British heavy metal up-and-comers Skies Turn Black have released new anthem ‘Sweet, Sweet Solitude’.

The band comment: “‘Sweet, Sweet Solitude’ was written back in lockdown, and lyrically it discusses the loneliness that lots of us went through during that time. Musically speaking, it’s a contrast from our usual flashy guitar work, leaving more space for the voice and the other instruments to shine.”

News Report
News Report
Raisin Awareness – ‘No More’

UK punk band Raisin Awareness share new song ‘No More’.

Jo D, the band’s lead vocalist, and guitarist, says, “This song is my way of personifying my internal struggle with depression and anxiety. The lyrics, ‘As we converse with these voices inside of our heads, I just can’t believe all the things that I said to myself,’ depict the constant, often self-deprecating dialogue that occurs in my mind.

Followed then by the line, ‘it’s like Piccadilly Circus inside of my head,’ metaphorically illustrates the chaotic nature of my mental health battles. Much like London’s Piccadilly Circus’s bustling, overwhelming nature, my mind is constantly filled with noise, confusion, and turmoil brought on by anxiety and depression.

Despite the personal growth I’ve experienced, the response ‘No more, no more, do you care’ represents the relentless nature of anxiety and depression. Even as I evolve and grow stronger, these personified entities remain, constantly challenging my perception of self-improvement.

Further to that, the song’s dialogue between ‘Do you know me’ and ‘Do you care’ signifies the complex relationship between personal growth and mental health. It’s a testament to the fact that even as we make strides in understanding ourselves and growing, our mental health battles persist, sometimes making us question if any real progress has been made.”

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We began our News Report in February 2021, but this week will be the last edition in its current format. We will be announcing our replacement later this week on Social Media so make sure that you are following Full Pelt!

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