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Biffy Clyro

The Myth of The Happily Ever After

Biffy Clyro The Myth of The Happily Ever After

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How does the saying go? Eat. Sleep. Release Album. Tour Album. Repeat? Well, it’s something like that normally isn’t it, but a certain pandemic has thrown best laid plans out the window for artists.

Take Biffy Clyro as a prime example. The release of ‘A Celebration of Endings’ was set to see the band play an arena tour which was even announced to the public. Alas the tickets never even went on sale due to the impact of the pandemic. Then the ‘Fingers Crossed’ tour was announced, a run of intimate dates that fingers crossed would go ahead.

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Well, even that got postponed until the end of this month. Now before even that tour gets to happen we have another album from the band! ‘The Myth of The Happily Ever After’ is said to be the sister album for ‘A Celebration of Endings’. The fact is the band will now be touring the albums hand in hand so how do the records sit with each other?

Biffy Clyro have never really had a set formula, the very thing that identifies their sound is their lack of boundaries, their quirkiness and willingness to experiment. ‘A Celebration of Endings’ was already an album packed with musical nuance and ‘The Myth of The Happily Ever After’ gleefully continues to ebb and flow.

This is a band that has been pretty prolific both in quantity and quality for some time now, so it’s no surprise that this is another solid album which only adds to their legacy. It’s unlikely to be held up like Simba by Rafiki as the future king, but that’s due to its unique birth and relationship to its predecessor.

Biffy Clyro – ‘A Hunger In Your Haunt / Unknown Male 01’

The description as a sister record feels right. This is a continuation of the creative process for ‘A Celebration of Endings’ and is basically the second record of another double album for the band. When held together the two albums are certainly up there in terms of the bands releases.

‘A Hunger In Your Haunt’, ‘Witch’s Cup’ and ‘Unknown Male 01’ lead the way for the record and ensure the likely dynasty for the album in future set lists. All in all this is another Biffy Clyro album that earns your attention and continues the bands momentum on their path to glory.

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Live Reviews


Waterfront Studio, Norwich

Tuesday 19th October 2021


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It’s almost a year since Salem released their debut EP. An EP that was never intended to be released but a pandemic and a lockdown or three saw Will Gould and Matt Reynolds pull the trigger.

Of course, Gould is normally associated with being the charismatic frontman for Creeper. That original EP was born out of the creative process for the latest Creeper album ‘Sex, Death & the Infinite Void’; with Gould looking for a different outlet for some of his punkier output.

Following the positive reception to that first EP it was almost inevitable that another should follow and soon enough ‘Salem II’ arrived. At that point Salem became somewhat more than a creative outlet and more of a full blown side-project from Gould’s perspective. The collaboration between Gould and Reynolds appears to have given them both a new lease of life.

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With two EP’s it was again an inevitability that live shows would follow. So with a band in place Salem revealed a lengthy trek around the UK and tonight they arrive in Norwich at the Waterfront Studio.

Opening on the tour are Welsh rockers James and the Cold Gun. Creeper have always carefully curated their support acts and it’s clear Salem will follow suit. James and the Cold Gun are an ideal opener that deliver a blistering opening set that gets the audience ready for the main event.

The likes of ‘Plug Me In’, ‘Cheating on the Sun’ and ‘Long Way Home’ showcase the quality that the band possess. With great material, confident stage presence and plenty of energy, the future should be bright for the band.

Clearly the future is also looking bright for Salem. Yes, the weight of Gould’s name does some heavy lifting, but there are not many bands who could play a 19 date UK Tour within a year of their debut EP! The fact is again it’s the quality of the material which helps convince people to leave their homes and check out this new prospect.

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With just the two EP’s and a bonus cover of The Damned classic ‘New Rose’ making up the set list, tonight is short but very sweet. Gould is on top form clearly enjoying the change of pace, and the band as a whole are well knit.

By the end of encore track ‘Destroy Me’ it is well and truly a case of mission achieved for Salem. The crowd go home thoroughly entertained and Salem continue to build their own legacy.

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News Report

News Report

We roundup the best music news from the past week!

News Report

Every week we roundup the best music news from the past week in our News Report. To stay up to date with the biggest news be sure to follow us on our social channels:

Coldplay announce huge World Tour

Coldplay News Report

Welcome to another edition of our weekly News Report. We start again this week with some huge tour announcements including the above behemoth from Coldplay.

The superstars will play a world tour in support of new album ‘Music of the Spheres’. The UK will get four shows with a Glasgow show following three in London.

Tickets and more here.

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Bryan Adams reveals ‘So Happy It Hurts’ Tour

Bryan Adams News Report

The iconic Bryan Adams has this week revealed a huge run of UK dates through next summer. A mixture of arena dates and outdoor venues will play host to Adams as he celebrates the release of his newly announced album ‘So Happy It Hurts’.

The album arrives 11th March and can be pre-ordered here.

Tickets can be found here.

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Tremonti announce UK Tour

Tremonti News Report

Tremonti will be coming to the UK early next year as the band tour in support of their latest album ‘Marching In Time’. The run of shows will conclude at Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

Tickets are here.

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Pulled Apart By Horses reveal new tour dates

Our final tour announcement in our News Report this week comes from Pulled Apart By Horses who will return for a run of dates in April next year.

Tickets are here.

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Saint Agnes debut ‘Uppercut!’

Saint Agnes – ‘Uppercut!’

On to the new music section of our News Report now and first up this week is ‘Uppercut!’, the latest single from Saint Agnes.

The release comes ahead of their UK Tour which commences this week, with tickets from here.

Listen to ‘Uppercut’ on our ‘Hard & Heavy’ Playlist

Will Varley debuts ‘Colour TV’

Will Varley – ‘Colour TV’

There was also new music on offer this week from Will Varley. Varley unveiled ‘Colour TV’ which you can check out above or wherever you stream music.

More from Varley including tickets to his upcoming shows here.

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Beans On Toast debuts ‘Not Everybody Thinks We’re Doomed’

Beans On Toast – ‘Not Everybody Thinks We’re Doomed’

Also releasing a new track this week was Beans On Toast. The folk singer previewed the release of his new album, ‘Survival of the Friendliest’ with single ‘Not Everybody Thinks We’re Doomed’.

Listen above and head here for album pre-orders and show tickets.

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The Full Pelt Music Podcast is back!

Episode 2 – Press To MECO

Finally in our News Report this week a little self-indulgence! The Full Pelt Music Podcast returned this week with guests Press To MECO. You can check out the video edition above with audio options here.

Remember to also check out our ‘Discover’ New Music Podcast where we spotlight the best new music with guests so far including Smoke, Icarus, Project Renegade, The Damned Few, Planet Fatale, Mercutio, Miss Vincent and Freddie & the Fabs!

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Album Reviews

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes


Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Sticky
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – ‘Sticky’

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Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes certainly have no issues in adapting and evolving. Each of their now four albums has managed to have its own identity in almost every way except one! That is that they are all clearly Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes records.

The trajectory of this band has often been signposted for the top since their initial inception just six years ago. With their headline performance at the special Download Pilot Festival this year, predications of headlining the main festival soon followed.

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There is no argument that this band is one of the most exciting live prospects on the circuit, but great live acts need great material to perform. ‘Sticky’ is the group’s fourth studio album and continues the hot streak of albums released in such a short time period.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – ‘Sticky’

On this record the band focus on their punk capabilities with something of a throwback album. That is in that the ten songs are all on the shorter side and the album as a whole clocks in at just 28 minutes. This is a fast paced punk rock record for sure, but sonically it’s a progressive punk record which leans into the pop sensibilities of the band.

This is an album packed with rock club dancefloor fillers, designed to get you moving. The album blends perfectly as a singular piece of art but each song is also allowed to shine. This is helped by the array of special guests with Lynks, Joe Talbot, Cassyette and Bobby Gillespie all featuring on the album.

Following their stunning performance at Donington Park, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes are heading to huge band status and a top notch album at this point is now surely going to solidify their status. ‘Sticky’ is exactly the album that the band needed to release at this point in their career.

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Live Reviews


Waterfront Studio, Norwich

Tuesday 12th October 2021


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Have you ever left a show with that euphoric feeling, knowing that you’ve just witnessed one of those special life-affirming shows that remind you why you love live music? SPOILER ALERT: this was one of those shows!

Let’s unpack the evening from the beginning then shall we? It’s cold, winter as they say is coming, but that means gig season is in full flow. The venue for the evening is the Waterfront Studio in Norwich, which is a great little room above the main venue and regularly plays host to these extra special intimate shows.

Tonight is sold out with roughly 200 eager music fans in attendance for a bill set to feature 3 bands all with growing reputations and raring to get back out on the road after the pain of the past 18+ months. This show also happens to be the first night of the tour with the element of the unknown thrown in.

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First on stage is a band that has been honing their craft for a few years now and appear ready to push on to the next level, Delaire the Liar. They are fast, heavy and archaic and ensure that the crowd are warmed up suitably having been stood out in the cold a few minutes before.

Then it’s time to bring the riffs as Press To MECO arrive on stage for their first show with their new line-up. Trusted fan favourite ‘A Quick Fix’ kicks off an impactful set before the band bring their latest album, ‘Transmute’ to life on stage.

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‘A Test of Our Resolve’ sounds absolutely massive live and deserves to see the band gracing much bigger stages in the future. The crowd are really up for it tonight and as the band close out their short but oh so sweet set with ‘Gold’ and ‘Sabotage’, everybody is left wanting more from the band.

Press To MECO were always a force to be reckoned with live and this new line-up appears to have taken them up another notch or two. So, at this point the evening is progressing extremely well and is already a great gig, but we said it was special didn’t we?

There is still one act left and that act is VUKOVI. From the moment the band take to the stage to the moment they leave, VUKOVI have the audience in the palm of their hands. There must be something in the air, because a cold Tuesday night in Norwich has no right to have a crowd so up for it.

Over the next hour or so the band blast out a set of fast-paced, highly moshable songs that can only really be described these days as bangers! The control of the stage exerted by singer Janine Shilstone is uncanny and helps to make that special atmosphere needed for this to become an elite level gig.


The likes of ‘C.L.A.U.D.I.A’, ‘HURT’, ‘Run/Hide’ and ‘La Di Da’ are incredible tonight but really it’s the whole set that stands out and ensures that fans are sent out back into the cold feeling warm inside.

All three bands brought it tonight and the audience reciprocated in kind. With this only being night one of the tour, do yourself a favour and grab a ticket to one of the shows, get down there early and savour three bands all proving that the future is bright for British rock music!

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Live Reviews

Manic Street Preachers

Cambridge Corn Exchange

Monday 11th October 2021

Manic Street Preachers

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Manic Street Preachers are a legendary act at this point so it’s no surprise that their show at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge is sold out well in advance. A well-received new album doesn’t hurt either and that’s exactly what the band has in the shape of ‘The Ultra Vivid Lament’!

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Before the band grace the stage however we get the support act, Low Hummer. Seasoned gig goers have all experienced unknown support acts that surpass expectations, and sadly also those that sound like they’ve never picked up an instrument before that night. Thankfully tonight it’s the former as Low Hummer deliver an fantastic opening performance.

Confident and assured the band are given a generous 40 minute opening set and they make the very most of it with a performance that will have won over many new fans from the packed audience. Low Hummer, remember the name, definitely ones to watch.

There really isn’t any surprise however in what comes next, as Manic Street Preachers have grown their reputation on the back of live shows. Starting tonight with ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’, ‘Orwellian’ and ‘Your Love Alone Is Not Enough’ they instantly bring the crowd into play.

There are plenty of sing-a-long anthems to get through tonight with ‘You Stole the Sun From My Heart’, ‘Everything Must Go’ and ‘If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next’ all coming in the first half of the show.

Tonight is also an opportunity to witness the glory of some of the best from ‘The Ultra Vivid Lament’. ‘The Secret He Had Missed’, ‘Still Snowing in Sapporo’ and ‘Complicated Illusions’ all shining in amongst the established fan favourites.

Manic Street Preachers – ‘The Secret He Had Missed’

As the evening gets deep the band then break out a cover of Guns N Roses hit ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’. Why you might ask, but this is the Manic Street Preachers and as we touched on in our album review of ‘The Ultra Vivid Lament’ they have earned the right to do whatever they want.

There is still the likes of ‘Tsunami’, ‘You Love Us’ and ‘A Design For Life’ left to bring the evening to a close and as always send the crowd home happy. Long live the Manic Street Preachers!

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News Report

News Report

We roundup the best music news from the past week!

Mews Report

Every week we roundup the best music news from the past week in our News Report. To stay up to date with the biggest news be sure to follow us on our social channels:

Red Hot Chili Peppers unveil UK Stadium Tour dates

Red Hot Chili Peppers News Report

Welcome to our weekly News Report, where we roundup the best music news from the past week. We start off this week with a slew of tour announcements. The first of which comes from the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers!

Now reunited with guitarist John Frusciante, the group this week revealed a huge world tour which will include 3 dates in the UK. Fans will be able to catch the band in Manchester, London and Glasgow next summer.

Tickets will be available from Friday 15th October at 10am here.

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Counting Crows set for UK Tour

Counting Crows News Report

Another American band set to make their way to the UK in 2022 is Counting Crows. The group are set for a UK Tour in March and April which will now include two dates at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith.

Tickets are here.

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Arkells reveal UK dates

Arkells News Report

We continue with a Canadian band now that this week announced a UK Tour for 2022. Arkells will be coming over in September next year for a run of shows including a date at Electric Brixton.

You can pick up tickets for the ‘Blink Once’ Tour here.

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Puppy announce UK Tour dates

Having started with American and Canadian bands coming to the UK, our next tour announcement is for UK act Puppy who will head out on the International Tour of… England!

Yes, Puppy will be making the long trek around England with stops in six places, finishing up with a show at the Garage in London.

Tickets are here.

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The Mysterines announce debut album and UK Tour

This past week was a big news week for The Mysterines. The band has announced a long run of dates for next year including a show at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

Find tickets here.

These dates are in support of their newly announced debut album, ‘Reeling’, which will arrive March 11th. Fans who pre-order the album before 3pm on Tuesday 12th October will get early access to tour tickets.

You can pre-order here.

You can also listen to their new single, ‘Hung Up’ below.

The Mysterines – ‘Hung Up’

Listen to ‘In My Head’ from The Mysterines on our ‘Discover’ New Music Playlist

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes unveil ‘Off With His Head’ featuring Cassyette

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – ‘Off With His Head’

Finally we round out our News Report with the latest single from Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. The band will release their fourth album, ‘Sticky’, next Friday! This week they unveiled the single, ‘Off With His Head’ which features Cassyette.

Get those last minute pre-orders in here.

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Album Reviews


In the Court of the Dragon

Trivium In the Court of the Dragon Album Cover
Trivium – ‘In the Court of the Dragon’

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Trivium are on a hot streak following the critical and commercial successes of 2017’s ‘The Sin and the Sentence’ and 2020’s ‘What the Dead Men Say’, and fans haven’t had to wait long for their next effort!

‘In the Court of the Dragon’ is the group’s tenth studio album, so can they continue their hot streak on this landmark release?

Trivium – ‘In the Court of the Dragon’

Some will have been surprised by the longevity of a band that polarised fans and critics for a time after their initial mammoth success. Trivium however have evolved into a much loved and respected act now embraced by a wide audience.

At this point, and especially following their recent releases, nobody should really be surprised by the quality of ‘In the Court of the Dragon’. The title track and fellow single ‘Feast of Fire’ had already teased that the hot streak was still in effect, but with the entire record now available it’s clear the answer to our question is yes.

Listen to ‘Feast of Fire’ on our ‘Hard & Heavy’ Playlist

There are ten tracks on the bands tenth album including instrumental opener ‘X’, and it must be said that once again there isn’t a bad track on the record. There are naturally tracks that will lean themselves to being added to the bands live shows, but this is also an album to be savoured as a whole.

It has been a long and at times difficult road for them but at this point Trivium have well and truly earned their place at the top table of metal. As a tenth album, ‘In the Court of the Dragon’ does justice to the band’s legacy as well as keeping the future looking very bright for the band.

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News Report

News Report

We roundup the best music news from the past week!

News Report

Every week we roundup the best music news from the past week in our News Report. To stay up to date with the biggest news be sure to follow us on our social channels:

Isle Of Wight reveals 2022 line-up

Isle of Wight News Report

Welcome to another edition of our weekly music News Report. We start this week with some festival news with events turning now to the 2022 festival season.

One of the biggest events in the UK, the iconic Isle Of Wight Festival has this week revealed the first acts set to grace the festival next year. Topping the bill will be Lewis Capaldi, Lionel Richie, Kasabian, Pete Tong and huge Sunday headliners Muse.

They’ll be joined by the likes of Blossoms, The Vaccines, Happy Mondays, Shaggy, The Proclaimers and The Coral.

Tickets and information can be found here.

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2022 2000trees Festival line-up takes shape!

2000trees News Report

This week also saw a stunning line-up announcement from 2000trees Festival as their 2022 edition takes shape. The event will be headlined by IDLES, Thrice and Jimmy Eat World!

They will be joined by The Amazons, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Young Guns, Royal Republic, Rolo Tomassi, Lonely The Brave, Crossfaith, Vukovi, Bob Vylan, Beans On Toast, Will Varley, Lauran Hibberd, Press To Meco, Haggard Cat and many more.

To join the fun, tickets can be found here

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You Me At Six to celebrate ‘Sinners Never Sleep’

You Me At Six News Report

Last week Slam Dunk Festival announced the first acts that will play the event next summer. This week two huge shows were announced to take place on the same site in the days leading up to the festival.

Hitting Leeds and Hatfield in June will be You Me At Six as they celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their album ‘Sinners Never Sleep’. There will also be a supporting bill that will include The Hunna.

Tickets can be found here.

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Liam Gallagher set for Knebworth return

Liam Gallagher News Report

Next June will see Liam Gallagher return to Knebworth Park. The ex-Oasis icon will headline a venue close to his heart coinciding with the release of his new album ‘C’mon You Know’ on May 27th.

A huge support bill has been revealed with Kasabian, Michael Kiwanuka, Fat White Family and Goat Girl all set to join Gallagher.

Tickets will be here.

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Tool announce rare UK dates

We continue our News Report with some tour announcements. First is a run of three UK dates for Tool. The rarely seen band will be playing shows in Manchester, Birmingham and London in May 2022.

Tickets are here.

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Billy Idol set for UK Arena Tour

Also revealing a run of UK Arena dates for early summer next year is Billy Idol. Playing six dates in June he will be joined by The Go-Go’s for ‘The Roadside Tour’.

Tickets are here.

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Rolo Tomassi set for February tour

Our final tour announcement comes from Rolo Tomassi who will team up with Pupil Slicer for a February European Tour which will include four UK dates finishing up in London.

Tickets are here.

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IDLES announce fourth album ‘Crawler’

IDLES – ‘The Beachland Ballroom’

This week saw IDLES announce the release of their fourth studio album, ‘Crawler’ which will arrive November 12th. The first single from the album, ‘The Beachland Ballroom’, can be heard above!

You can pre-order the album here.

Listen to ‘The Beachland Ballroom’ on our Spotify Hot List!

Ghost launch new era with ‘Hunter’s Moon’

Ghost – ‘Hunter’s Moon’

Ghost are the masters of the mysterious, the epic, the macabre… the enthralling. Now, they are gearing up for their next chapter with the unveiling of their brand new single, ‘Hunter’s Moon’.

You can order a 7″ or stream here.

Listen to ‘Hunter’s Moon’ on our ‘Hard & Heavy’ Playlist

Fatherson reveal ‘End Of The World’

Fatherson – ‘End Of The World’

We close out our News Report this week with the ‘End Of The World’! After all that is the title of the new single from Fatherson and they also enter the next phase of their career.

You can find more here.

Listen to ‘End Of The World’ on our Spotify Hot List!

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Live Reviews

Black Stone Cherry

Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Tuesday 28th September 2021

Black Stone Cherry

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International travel restrictions and pandemic related concerns has seen most touring in the UK come from domestic acts. One US based band however that has moved heaven and earth to undertake their scheduled shows is Black Stone Cherry. Not too surprising really as the band were adopted by the UK many years ago.

Black Stone Cherry made their name and grew their brand on UK soil and it’s also no surprise that the show tonight is sold out. There is a mutual love and respect between band and fans and all of that helps to build a great atmosphere at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge.

Before the headliners however normally comes the support. Tonight is no different as Kris Barras Band take to an already packed venue. The band is given a decent length slot to win over those in attendance, and the receptive audience is quickly onboard.

From opening track ‘Dead Horses’ to closer ‘Hail Mary’, Kris Barras and co are able to create a connection with the audience through the medium of rock. Whilst that may sound a tad cheesy, the fact is Barras is the ideal support for this show, with his set being very well received.

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Soon enough it’s time for Black Stone Cherry to grace the stage and they receive a hero’s welcome. The band quickly burst out ‘Me and Mary Jane’, ‘Burnin’ and ‘Again’ for a blistering start to their set.

Black Stone Cherry – ‘Again’

The band now has seven studio albums to draw from and tonight is literally a career-spanning setlist with a least one representative from each album. Sophomore release ‘Folklore and Superstition’ gets the greatest attention tonight with six tracks aired including rarer outings for ‘Yeah Man’ and ‘Devil’s Queen’.

The band had managed to maintain a steady line-up since their formation around 20 years ago, but this year saw the departure of bassist Jon Lawhon. It’s down to Steve Jewell to fill those shoes and tonight he fits in effortlessly as the band remind fans why this country embraced them so early.

Last year saw the release of their latest album, ‘The Human Condition’ and two more tracks are on offer tonight with both ‘Ringin’ in My Head’ and ‘In Love With the Pain’ going over well with the audience. They fit in well with the set staples such as ‘Blind Man’, ‘Blame It On The Boom Boom’, ‘White Trash Millionaire’ and ‘Lonely Train’.

All live music still feels special at the moment, but tonight felt extra special. An emotional ‘Things My Father Said’ and stunning ‘Peace Is Free’ perhaps best capturing the moment. It’s great to have international touring acts return to the UK, and it’s fitting for one of the first to be Black Stone Cherry.

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